IT Systems Analyst - Network Monitoring

Job Overview
Job Order:JO00020400
Date Posted:Apr 20
Category:3 - Information Technology (I/T)
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Position Summary

This position Advises and assists in the planning, implementation, and administration of Infrastructure Technology including endpoint and software management tools, software and hardware license management, network and server monitoring toolsets, wireless LAN. Investigates and diagnosis of software and hardware issues.

Responsibilities of Position:

Develops core technical platform, capabilities, and services that support business processes and data including:

1. Mapping relationships between IT platform/infrastructure components (i.e., Technology End Users, IT Systems Software & Hardware, and Networks).

2. Identifies key technology interactions and dependencies across systems/platforms impacting the organization’s ability to achieve integration, compatibility, and performance targets.

3. Evaluates total cost of ownership and return on investment of various IT platform/infrastructure alternatives.

4. Receive customer issues via phone, email, ticketing system or other modes of approved communication.

5. Respond to customer issues and provide updates via phone, ticketing system or other modes of approved communication.

6. Resolve problems related to hardware, software, and network.

7. Utilizes ticketing system to track, prioritize and report on customer issues from initiation to closure.

8. Initiates escalation when required.

9. Deploy, install, and configure software.

10. Maintain and gather knowledge of Microsoft licensing.

11. Collaborate with multiple teams to establish common monitoring needs and a solution.

12. Understand and support wireless LAN infrastructure.

13. Document, validate, purchase, and guide Microsoft volume licensing.

Skill Requirements:

1. Customer service driven with an enthusiastic, positive attitude.

2. Able to work in fast paced environment and multitask.

3. Strong professional and interpersonal skills, treats people in respectful and professional manner.

4. Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving abilities.

5. Able to manage Windows Systems and Network Users in Active Directory.

6. Excellent written and verbal communications skills.

7. Work and act in a safe manner.

8. Flexible working hours.

9. Competent in Microsoft Office products (Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).

Education and Experience Requirements:

1. 5-10 years of related IT experience.

2. Bachelor’s degree in IT or related field.